Evidence that micronations will rule the world


A nation is an aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, usually inhabiting a particular country or territory, but not always. A state, on the other hand, is an aggregate of land with a sovereign government and laws, usually representing a particular nation or people, but not always.

So a micronation is simply a small nation, just as Monaco is a small nation, except that unlike Monaco, a micronation doesn't have full or exclusive control of a particular country or territory. This is the primary issue of statehood, the issue of full or exclusive control of a particular country or territory, while the issue of a micronation's lack of recognition by internationally-recognised states (UN members states or world governments) or intergovernmental organisations (major international organisations) is in fact the secondary issue of statehood. The existence of the de facto state of Somaliland, a Third World nation despite it is not recognised by any state, is proof that full or exclusive control of a particular country or territory, and not recognition by any world government, is the primary feature of any real state.

It should be noted that micronations are either real nations — made of real people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, although they don't necessarily inhabit the same particular country or territory — or they are simply not micronations. The claim of being a micronation does not constitute proof of a micronation's existence.

This website acts as a portal only to real micronations, ie small Fifth, Fourth, or Third World nations [1] whose existence we are fairly certain of at the present, and whose existence we can safely assume for the near future. This website shall not concern itself with extremely young or infantile micronations — Sixth World nations at best — or fictional states. While past media attention is deemed sufficient for a fictional micronation's inclusion within the Wikipedia, this portal shall seek greater evidence for a micronation's existence: recognised institutions, recognised standards, registered trademarks, real world influence over media and other foreign national institutions, etc.

Any listing of a micronation here does not imply endorsement, favour, or diplomatic relations with the people or government whose agency is Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA). Respectful comments or suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Fifth, Fourth, and Third World Micronations

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    Micronational Firsts

    First micronational de facto recognition
    1968-11-25 English court declares itself outside the jurisdiction of Sealand. This action made the Principality of Sealand the first micronation to gain some de facto recognition.

    First micronationalist elected to a sovereign state's parliament
    1989-05-13 The Hon. John Charlton Rudge (Grand Duchy of Avram) becomes the first micronationalist to be elected to an Official World parliament, the Tasmanian House of Assembly. He served one term until his defeat in 1992 (departure: 1 February 1992), representing the Liberal Party in the seat of Lyons.

    First micronation admitted to non-FIFA association football federation (mid-Fourth World)
    2005-06-11 Sealand national football team admitted N.F.-Board as a provisional member.

    First micronational multinational
    2006-03-08 The Dominion of British West Florida activates the ninth server of the Cesidian Root, the d-root.maxmv.org. On this date the Cesidian Root became a complete intercontinental Internet for the first time, as well as the world's first de facto micronational multinational.

    First micronational travel guide
    2006-09-01 Lonely Planet publishes Micronations, the world's first micronational travel guide.

    First micronationalist MBE
    2006-12-31 Bibliophile Richard George William Pitt Booth becomes the first micronationalist to be honoured with a MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for services to tourism in Powys (Kingdom of Hay).

    First micronational athlete to appear on a world championship podium
    2007-07-07 Michael Martelle, student of the renowned Master Kwok Chu Chan, representing the Principality of Sealand in the World Cup of Kung Fu held in Quebec City, Canada, and bearing the designation of Athleta Principalitas Bellatorius (Principal Martial Arts Athlete), wins two silver medals and becomes the first micronational athlete ever to appear on a world championship podium.

    First micronational saint
    2007-12-13 HMRD Cesidio Tallini consecrates Saint René Descartes, the world's first micronational saint.

    First micronation in space through image
    2008-08-16 The Principality of Vikesland — later renamed the Kingdom of Vikesland — becomes the first micronation to send an image of its flag into the vacuum of space.

    First micronation to adopt gold standard
    2009-07-24 Wirtland becomes first micronation on earth to issue a gold coin, the Wirtland Crane.

    First micronation mentioned by a news agency or wire service
    2010-04-30 The Empire of Atlantium becomes the first micronation to be mentioned by a news agency or wire service when the article "Fed up with your country? Create your own!", by Kristen Gelineau, is released by the Associated Press. The article was later reprinted in several newspapers.

    First Scholar's Degree (SD) or alternative PhD ever issued
    2010-06-17 World's first Scholar's Degree (SD) awarded by Saint René Descartes University (in Journalism).

    First micronational municipality registered with Google as a 'City Hall'
    2011-01-27 The Fifth World Community (5WC), a highly-scattered inhabited locality, is registered at its Winnecomaq (Long Island) address with Google as a 'City Hall'.

    First micronational (or Fifth World) English lexicon
    2011-06-02 The 'Fifth World English' lexicon is born. Later this proto-language evolved into a distinct variant of English, and was renamed 'UMMOA English' (UGV; en-UGV).

    First micronational party recognition by a de facto state
    2011-09-11 The République du Kabinda (República de Cabinda) and the Frente de Libertação do Estado de Cabinda (FLEC) conclude a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA). Cabinda and the UMMOA have mutually recognised one another, and will support the claims of each other in the areas of technical, political, financial, and multilateral cooperation.

    First micronational party to be accepted by Nation or People IGO
    2011-09-14 The UMMOA becomes an Associate Member of the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS)

    First micronational institutions granted Consultative Status by Nation or People IGO
    2011-12-27 The Cesidian Root and Saint René Descartes University are granted Consultative Status with the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS).

    First micronational party recognised as a state by Nation or People IGO (mid-Fourth World)
    2012-05-05 OEAS recognises 10 new UMMOA claims (a total of 11 territorial claims).

    First micronational language adopted by authoritative international cultural organisation (top-Fourth World)
    2013-01-23 An authoritative international cultural organisation, SIL International, adopted Talossan (TZL) as a new language.

    First micronational Nobel Peace Prize candidate welcomed (top-Fourth World)
    2013-04-08 Norwegian Nobel Committee receives Saint René Descartes University's recommendation for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize.

    First de facto recognition of micronational confederation of tribes
    2013-04-26 It is noted that the book, Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence, is freely available for purchase in China. This is the first de facto recognition of a micronational confederation of tribes.

    First micronationalist to win international superprize
    2013-06-25 Louis Pouzin, a UMMOA national, and four other candidates, were awarded the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering during a formal prize ceremony.

    First micronation in space through sprite satellite
    2014-05-13 New Guinea's satellite carrier module (Kicksat) did not achieve all of the mission's planned objectives, as New Guinea's sprite satellite (femtosatellite) deployment never occurred. Yet KickSat did manage to send some sound packets, which were recorded by mission volunteers on the ground at 437.510685 MHz (apparently within the UHF radio band for commercial radios).

    First micronational party to behave like a Third World (bottom-Third World) entity
    2014-08-26 The UMMOA Trademark became USPTO Registered Trademark No. 4592162. On 4 September 2014, it is discovered that the article that was written on the afternoon of 26 August 2014, about the UMMOA® Registered Trademark No. 4592162, is rigourous proof that the UMMOA party is now behaving like a Third World entity.

    First micronational continent or macroregion registered with Google as a 'Government Office'
    2014-12-06 Global Earth Oceans (GEO) was registered at its Winnecomaq (Long Island) address with Google as a 'Government Office'.

    First micronational conference held within the borders of an actual micronation
    2015-07-04 The third PoliNation conference took place on 4-5 July 2015, for the first time within the borders of an actual micronation, the Free Republic of Alcatraz.

    First micronational IGO code adopted by American multinational technology company (top-Third World)
    2015-08-10 Google fully adopted 'INT.Codes' by Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA), a micronational unprivileged or nascent IGO.

    First micronational party's opinion respectfully considered by UN member state foreign ministry on an overseas territory policy issue (top-Third World)
    2016-01-21 The UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) publishes a summary of the UMMOA party's views on the BIOT resettlement policy.

    First family to be recognised as a nation
    2017-06-28 The Kingdom of Ourania granted unilateral recognition of The Tallini Family (TTF).

    First micronational race to be recognised by social anthropologist
    2017-09-21 Author and social anthropologist Beth Singler accepts Indigo race (or Homo sapiens ethicus/Homo noeticus ) concept.

    First micronational time zone or meridian recognised
    2017-09-26 The Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) standard was officially accepted, adopted, and activated at the time.is website.

    First micronational municipality to be treated like a Third World town
    2017-10-29 The Fifth World Community's weather becomes a Google application.

    First multinationalist website
    2017-12-03 Kaisiris Tallini — aka HMRD Cesidio Tallini, Sachem Wequarran Archimedes, or BCT — starts probably the world's first distinctively multinationalist website. Tallini is the world's first micronationalist recognised in de jure, or acknowledged in de facto fashion by several government or quasi-government bodies, but because of his unprecedented level of alternative nationalist development, he is also the first micronationalist to actually be recognised for multiple nationalities within the same state structure, and Tallini also claims several more external nationalities.

    First micronational region to be fully recognised by two or more de facto states
    2017-12-21 Global Earth Oceans (GEO) gains the recognition of the Principality of Pontinha and the Salento area (2017-12-04) claimed by Italy, thus becoming the first entity to be treated like a Second World region.

    Alternatives Provided by Micronationalists

    1. alternative academic degrees (Progressive degrees: Scholar's degree; Professional's degree; Diplomate's degree)
    2. alternative agricultures (Fifth World or DIY agriculture)
    3. alternative astrologies (Bucksfanian astrology)
    4. alternative calendars (Cesidian calendar)
    5. alternative continents or regions (Global Earth Oceans)
    6. alternative elements (Bathetic elements)
    7. alternative environmentalisms (Fifth World environmentalism)
    8. alternative ethnicities (Ryamecahns)
    9. alternative intellectual properties (Print Monopolies)
    10. alternative language variants (UMMOA English: UGV; en-UGV; Ⓤ)
    11. alternative languages (Talossan: TZL)
    12. alternative legal systems (Cesidian law)
    13. alternative linguistics (Tallinian Linguistic Classification System)
    14. alternative medicines (Salubriology)
    15. alternative names (Kaisiris Tallini)
    16. alternative nationalists (Neocartesian; Multinationalist)
    17. alternative politics (Pythagorean politics)
    18. alternative races (Indigo race)
    19. alternative religions (Cesidianism or Cesidian merodepantheistic, homotheistic, messianic, extra-Biblical, Neocartesian, and therapeutic-spiritual religion)
    20. alternative rights (Bathetic rights)
    21. alternative root server systems or Internets (Cesidian Root)
    22. alternative sacraments (Cesidian eighth sacrament or "Healing of the Sick")
    23. alternative saints (Saint René Descartes)
    24. alternative theologies (Analytic theology)
    25. alternative time systems (Cyberterra Mean Time format)
    26. alternative time zones or meridians (Cyberterra Mean Time standard)
    27. alternative villages or municipalities (Fifth World Community)
    28. alternative virtues (Cesidian virtues)
    29. alternative worlds (Newest World or Global Earth Oceans)